Gano Coffee Overview - SereniGy G-Roast

Hmmmm....the smell of freshly brewed coffee.  It's something that 80% of us smell every single morning because we can't do without it.  The good news is that with gano coffee from SereniGy, you can now get your brewed coffee from a trusted source that delivers exceptional health benefits, and no contradictions like regular coffee.  Let's take a peek at why your coffee experience can get so much better with the SereniGy G-Roast.

Gano Coffee Review - Is It Still Coffee?
Yes.  SereniGy gano coffee is made with a 100% Arabica bean (the finer of the coffee beans).
In the case of the SereniGy G-Roast, it is a drip coffee, which gives it an exceptional roast aroma, and complex taste that even the most discerning taste buds would enjoy.
Gano Coffee Review - What Makes It Healthier For Me?
SereniGy adds it's proprietary 100% certified organic ganoderma blend to give this coffee its health benefits.
Adding this herb helps negate the side effects that typically come with coffee, including jitters, crash, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disturbance.
Not only that, this gano coffee will provide you with additional health benefits that can be noticed after as little as one pot, up to a month's worth of consumption.
It's always important to note that the use of the whole ganoderma herb, not just isolated parts, is crucial in terms of its health benefits.
To understand the powerful effects of ganoderma (also known as reishi), check out
Gano Coffee Review - What Are the Typical Health Benefits?
The genius behind ganoderma is its ability to normalize all the body's processes, which automatically facilitates wellness.
Some of the benefits of ganoderma include sleep improvement, improved energy and stamina, detoxification, immune system support, normal blood sugar support, healthy circulation support, and nervous system balance.
Gano Coffee Review - Is There Science To Back It Up?
The science behind ganoderma has been extensively studied in the last century. There are more than 3 million pages of third party documentation on this herb, and plenty of research articles proving over and over the power of ganoderma in the human body.

To get a start on this research, check out the research articles on
Gano Coffee Review - Is It Competitive On Cost?
SereniGy gano coffee is price competitive, and that's before you consider the value it brings to your health over regular coffee.
You can enjoy the SereniGy G-Roast coffee for anywhere between 90 cents to $1.25 a cup. Typically, people will pay anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 a cup for this quality, with NONE of the benefits described here.
Gano Coffee Review - Conclusion
If you are going to consume coffee, or are looking for an alternative that lessens the side effects, then you really should consider looking into gano coffee.
Aside from helping negate the side effects, gano coffee provides health benefits you can actually feel by simply consuming a cup of coffee.  In fact, once people get into a routine with SereniGy gano coffee, they have little desire to go back to their old habits.

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